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AR Magazines And Mag Accessories

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AR 5rd Mags

AR15 5 Round Steel Magazine Flush Mount

Just in! AR 15 5 RD mags, Steel body new mags for the 223 AR rifles. These babies have the Green followers, and when installed are flush with the mag well.
MAG-AR155RDFL $19.99

AR15 5 Round Polymer Mag

New addition, 5 round polymer mag USA made in a full size body. Features anti tilt follower and heavy duty construction throughout
MAG-ARMAG0905B $14.87

AR15 5 Round Steel Magazine

Just in! AR 15 5 RD mags in a 20 round sized body. Give your rifle the correct look when hunting or in a state where mags are restricted. Steel body new mags for the 223 AR rifles. These babies have the Green followers. Made in the USA!
MAG-AR155ST $13.87

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AR 10rd Mags

AR15 10 Round Steel Magazine Flush Mount

Just in! AR 15 10 RD mags, Steel body new mags for the 223 AR rifles. These babies have the Green followers, and when installed are flush with the mag well.
MAG-AR1510RDFL $19.99

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AR 20rd Mags

Check back soon for more AR15 20rd Mags!

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AR 30rd Mags

Commando Mag Set

AR15 Commando Mag Kit With Two Mags MAG-COMSET

Just out a new way to carry your AR Mags with ease. This kit includes 2 30rd premium polymer .223/556 mags with a heavy duty dual pouch. Easily carry your mags without worry of losing them even under the most extreme conditions. Always have extra AR mags at the ready. A David's Collectibles exclusive product.

MAG-COMSETWC Commando AR Mag Set Woodland Camo Digi Pouch $29.99 

MAG-COMSETAD Commando AR Mag Set Army Digi Pouch $29.99 

MAG-COMSETTAN Commando AR Mag Set Tan Pouch $29.99 

Detailed Information:

Mags fit in elastic carrier and are under constant pressure, keeping them secure. Velcro and snap closure assures mags stay put. Pouch attaches to your web gear or 1" wide belt. Heavy construction gives you lots of use. Works with both 30 and 20 round AR mags both metal and polymer.


  • Pouch Color: Wood Camo Digi, Army Digi, Tan
  • Mag Color:Black
  • Size: 8x6x2"
  • Weight: Mags Empty 1.0lb
  • Attachment: Web gear or 1" wide belt
  • Closure: Velcro and snaps
   Commando Mag Set
Commando Mag Set Commando Mag Set
AR Mag

AR15 .223/556 30 Round Polymer Mag MAG-AR15P30K

Great new magazine for your AR rifle. Non slip outer molding lets you grab onto this mag and install it or remove it in a snap. Great construction assures great fit and function. This David's Collectibles item includes a free mag cover that snaps over the top of the mag to protect from debris in the field.

MAG-AR15P30K $12.87 

Detailed Information:
Great 30 round magazine for the AR rifles in .223 and 556 caliber. Fits all AR rifles that accept standard AR15 and M16 mags. All military grade polymer construction, easy loading and comes with a mag cover to keep dirt and debris out of your mag when not in use. Load mag and you will have 30 rounds of fun. Made in Korea by a military contractor, this has a beautiful polymer black finish. Get a spare today, you never know when things may fall apart and you will need a little extra firepower. Another David's Collectible must have item. Cannot be shipped to area's that do not allow high capacity mags.


  • Capacity: 30 Rounds
  • Caliber: .223/556
  • Finish: Black
   AR Mag

AR15 30 Round TAPCO Polymer Magazine

Just in! AR 15 30 RD TAPCO polymer 223 mags, Tough polymer mags are made in the us and feature anti tilt followers. You have read about these mags in Shotgun News, they tested them to the max! Now you can get these mags for your AR type rifle!
MAG-ARMAG0930 $12.99

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AR 42rd Mags

AR15 42 Round Poly Magazine

A 42-rd magazine for AR-15 / M16 rifles and carbines. The magazine body and follower are constructed of a proprietary DuPont® Zytel™ based polymer to ensure a long service life. The springs are made from heat treated Chrome-silicon wire for increased reliability and smooth feeding. For caliber .223 and 556.
MAG-AR42PB $24.99

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AR Drums

AR 100rd Drum

AR15 .223/556 100 Round Drum MAG-AR15PD100K

Finally a great looking and functioning dual drum for the AR platform rifles. Why constantly reload when you can have 100 rounds ready to go. Tough mag designed for military and police use now availible for home defense or sports shooting. Another David's Collectibles great item.

MAG-AR15PD100K AR Dual Drum 100rds $129.87 

Detailed Information:

Made of tough polymer this dual drum mag fits like any standard stick mag, but gives you 100 rounds of firepower. Unit comes with a carry pouch and graphite to keep your drums working slick all the time.


  • Capacity: 100 Rounds
  • Caliber: .223/556
  • Material: Military Polymer and metal
  • Includes: Pouch, graphite tube, manual
  • Weight: 3.15lb
   AR 100rd Drum

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AR Mag Accessories

Magpul™ 5.56 NATO Standard

Now shipping is the original Magpul™ 5.56 NATO, designed for the M16 weapons System. Since it's release in mid 1999, the Magpul 5.56 NATO has been adopted by Police and Special Warfare units world wide. It is currently used by instructors at Gunsite Academy Inc., Surefire Academy and the Sigarms Academy Pack of three magpuls!
MAG-PUL556 $12.99 

Magpul™ 7.62 NATO Standard

Now the same price and quantity as the 5.56 Magpul, the new 7.62 Magul™ which is designed for use primarily with M14, FAL, HK91 and SR25 weapon systems. This design features a new molding process that results in a stronger Magpul Pack of three!
MAG-PUL762 $12.99 

Magpul™ 9mm/45 cal Subgun

Now the same price as the 5.56 Magpul, the new 9mm Subgun Magpul™ which is designed for use primarily with 9mm subguns such as the HK MP5, Colt SMG and Uzi. The Magpul 9mm Subgun will also function on most SW40 and 45cal subgun weapon systems. Pack of three!
MAG-PUL9MM $12.99 

AR Stripper Clip

AR .223/556 Stripper Clip 10 Pack STR-223-10

Stripper clip ten pack for the AR15 rifle. Works with .223 and 556 caliber ammo. Pre load ammo for easy mag loading when needed. These are miltary clips assuring the finest quality. A David's Collectibles great item. See stripper clip guides on this page!

STR-223-10 $6.99 

Detailed Information:

Clips hold ten rounds of ammo each. This is a pack of ten stripper clips. Made of high grade materials these securely hold your ammo at the ready.


  • Capacity: Ten Rounds
  • Quanity: Pack of Ten
  • Material: Metal
  • Length Each: 4"
   AR Stripper Clip

AR Guide for Stripper Clip 223 round

Guide for the above stripper clips. Allows loading of mags out of the rifle. A must have for any AR shooter! These clip onto the top of your mag allowing you to stripper clip load your magazine while removed from the rifle.

AR Mag Clamp

A much requested item! AR mag clamp! Clamps 2 AR 20 or 30 round mags together. All metal design!

AR Mag Clamp

Mag Clamp clamps AR15/ Mini 14 steel, aluminum and polymer mags side by side for quick loading. This package of 2 will "jungle clamp" two pairs of magazines!

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