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Help Topics

Thank you for visiting our new Help Topics

As time permits we will add lots of topics that cover everyday problems and installation help with the products we sell. If you encounter a problem always start here first.
1-Bipod Kit Archangel Mosin Nagant Stock

2-SKS Rear Cover Scope Mount Installation Help

3-PSOWEAV side mount adjustment

4-SKS Shell Deflector Adjustment

5-SKS Detachable Mag Help

6-SKS SOCOM Installation Help

7-AK Gatorbakk Installation

Archangel Mosin Nagant Bipod Kit Installation

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SKS Scope Mount Installation

This Help Topic Pertains to the RI-SCO-MNT640, RI-SCO-SKS, PKG106, PKG107, PKG108

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PSOWEAV Side Mount Lever Adjstment

There are two versions of the PSOWEAV scope mount for the side plate guns. These mounts fit AK's with the side mount, Vepr's, Saiga's, Dragunovs. The mount slides onto the rail then the lever is fliped and latched to lock it on the gun.
Style A-Has a brass colored spring loaded nut on the bottom side of the latching system. there is a lock which prevents the nut from turning. Take your thumbnail and push down on the lock, pushing it away from the adjustment nut. When it is delatched from the lock turn the nut either up or down to loosen or tighten the latching on the mount. The nut can be turned with you finger. When you are finished release the lock and it will spring back to lock the nut. Do not over tighten as it does not take a lot of pressure to hold the scope firmly.
Style B-This has a flat piece of metal which is designed to be removed to adjust the tension. Unlock the lever, with a flat blade screw driver remove the retaining plate from the lever. Pull the lever and washer off. To tighten, turn the lever mount counter clock-wise. To Loosen, turn clock-wise. Place the washer and lever back on the lever mount. Install the lock plate. Test and repeat this proceedure until the desired tightness is attained.

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SKS Shell Deflector Adjustment

Turn the rear site upwards from the firearm. Grasp the distance adjuster and pull it dowmward. Install the deflector onto the site and pull it upwards to lock the ears on the deflector on the ears on the rear site. Pull the distance adjuster upwards until it locks the deflector onto the site. Lower the rear site until it is on the site base. Bend the deflector downward until it is in alignment with the rifle.

SKS Detachable Mag Installation

SKS Socom Mount Installation

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Gatorbakk Mount Installation

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