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Mosin Nagant Rifle Parts

Please note that all parts are off used surplus guns. Finish may be gone, parts will show signs of use. We sell only usable parts in servicable condition. It takes a lot of time to strip parts, catalog them, organize and check them. Be realistic with your expectations. Many parts should be installed by qualified gunsmiths only! And as always, we appreciate your business!

Mosin Nagant Parts

Please note: items with no "Buy Me" link are sold out, check back often!
Rear Barrel Band #1 MOS-PAR-1 $6.99 Choose Model:

Bolt Connecting Bar #6 MOS-PAR-6 $12.99 Choose Model:

Butt Plate #11 MOS-PAR-11 $8.00 Choose Model:

Butt Plate Screw #12 MOS-PAR-12 $2.99 Choose Model:

Cocking Piece #14 MOS-PAR-14 $12.99 Choose Model:

Ejector for all Mosin rifles. Russian replacement for the one piece on earlier models as well as standard on later Mosins.
Ejector (two piece) #15 MOS-PAR-15 $12.99 Choose Model:

Firing Pin #18 MOS-PAR-18 $21.99 Choose Model:

Upper Handguard M91/30 Rifle MOS-PAR-23B $22.99

Sear Screw #27 MOS-PAR-27 $2.99 Choose Model:

MOS-PAR-29 is graduated to 200 meters and fits the M91/30
MOS-PAR-29C is graduated to 100 meters and fits M44/M38/M91/59
Rear Sight #29 MOS-PAR-29 $12.99 Choose Model:

Rear Sight Spring

Note: The M91/30 uses the long spring that matches up to the 200M sight blade, the carbine models use the shorter spring that fits the model with the 100M sight blade. We are currently out of the 100m sight spring but have plenty of the 200m.
Rear Sight Spring #30 $2.99 Choose Model:

Rear Sight Pin

Pin the rear sight pivots on, fits all models
Rear Sight Pin #31 $2.99 Choose Model:

Nose Guard (metal) #37 MOS-PAR-37 $6.99 Choose Model:

Trigger #38 $3.99 Choose Model:

Stock Cross Bolt

Cross bolt (recoil bolt) for the wood stock. This is the bolt only, nut is not included
Stock Crossbolt #47 $6.99 Choose Model:

Cleaning Rod Lug

Metal insert that fits in stock at the end of the cleaning rod. This lug is what the cleaning rod screws into in the stock. Item is not pictured but would between 23 and 46 on the schematic.
Cleaning Rod Lug #50 $5.99 Choose Model:

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