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Motor Oil And Engine Products

Through our travels we constantly run across products that are not easily available in the US market. One group of products we have used for years are the LUBRO MOLY oil and lubricants. The Vollesynthese and Touring line of oils, the diesel additives and the brake fluid products are unmatched in quality. We All punish our equipment and need the finest products available to protect our investment. These products do the job, and if you are into extended drain periods to Cut down on maintance costs, these products are made for you! There is a reason BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and many others use Lubro-Moly products in their vehicles! Lovers of the outdoors are rough on their equipment, our trucks, boats, four wheelers and cars gets lots of abuse. Volle Synthese LubroMoly products protect where other products fail!
We are also featuring a few products that relate to GM Duramax diesels as well as Allison Transmissions. The outdoorsman has to have his truck!
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Longlife High Tech 5W-30

Top-quality, state-of-the-art, low-friction motor oil for use all year round. The combination of unconventional basic oils using synthetic technology, together with the latest additive technology, guarantee a motor oil that provides exceptional protection against wear and reduces oil and fuel consumption, while ensuring that the engine is immediately supplied with oil. Especially suitable where there are long intervals between oil changes and heavy duty engine requirements.
Smooth engine running characteristics.
Long engine service life due to exceptional protection against wear.
Rapid oil delivery at low temperatures.
Optimum oil pressure at all engine speeds.
Premium lubrication reliability at high and low temperatures.
High shear and ageing stability.- Reduces fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.- Outstanding engine cleanliness.- Tested with catalytic converters and performance proven with turbochargers.- Mixable and compatible with commercially available motor oils.
Synthetic Technology, Saves Fuel, provides instant lubrication after a cold start.
Optimum for modern gas and diesel engines with multi-valve technology and turbocharging with and without charge air cooling.
Especially suitable where there are long intervals between oil changes and heavy duty engine requirements.
IMC-OIL-1137 5 Liter $59.99
ACEA A3-04/B4-04/C3-04
MB-Approval 229.51
BMW Longlife-04
Ford WSS M2C 917-A
VW 502.00/505.00/505.01


- long service life for the engine due to very high level of protection against wear
- miscible and compatible with commerciallly-available engine oils
- rapid oil delivery at low temperatures - very high lubrication reliability at higgh and low temperatures
- very high shear and ageing stability
> - outstanding engine cleanliness
- smooth engine running
- saves petrol and reduces pollutant emisssion
- optimum oil pressure at all engine speedds
- tested with catalytic converters and prooven performance with turbochargers
- extremely low evaporation losses
Energy-conserving oil for today’s engines. Reduces oil and fuel consumption. Optimum lubrication even under extreme operating conditions. With thermallystable wide-range viscosity. Immediate lubrication during cold starts and optimum oil pressure at all engine speeds. Lubrication is also reliably maintained at extreme temperatures. Optimum engine performance. Improved protection against wear and extended service life for the engine. Tested on catalytic converters and turbochargers. Operational area: Year-round oil for petrol and Diesel engines. Especially suitable where there are long intervals between oil changes and extreme demands. Car manufacturer´s approval: API SL/CF; ACEA A3-98/B3-98 Issue2/B4-98; MB 229.1; BMW Longlife-98; VW 502 00 and 505 00; Porsche all models
Made in Germany, 100% Synthetic
IMC-OIL-2041 5 Liter $42.99


- universal use for petrol and diesel engiines with and without exhaust-gas turbocharging and with and without charge air cooling
- good cold-start behaviour
- high lubricating film stability and highh wear protection
- low evaporation losses
- high shear and ageing stability
- good cleanliness and dispersant propertiies
- prevents black sludge
- miscible with all commercially availablee engine oils
- tested for catalytic converter compatibiility
- neutralises negative effects from fuels<
Guaranteed reliability, optimum engine cleanliness and outstanding wear protection. Stable to ageing and stable viscosity. Outstanding coldstart behaviour. Universal use. Operational area: Year-round engine oil for aspirated and turbocharged Diesel engines. Especially suitable for extreme running conditions. Car manufacturer´s approval: API CF-4, ACEA B2-98/E2-96, VW 501 01 / 505 00, MB 228.1,229.1, MAN 271, ZF-TE-ML 04C, 07C Performance Level: Volvo VDS, Allison C-4, Caterpillar TO-2, Mack EO-K2, MIL-L-2104E
Made in Germany
IMC-OIL-2044 5 Liter $39.99

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Oil Additives


- reduces friction and wear
- reduces oil and fuel consumption
- stable under high thermal and dynamic sttresses
- increases smoothness and reliability
> - proven performance with catalytic converrters and turbochargers
- economical due to long-term effectivenesss
Fully synthetic engine-oil additive. Significantly reduces wear. High-pressure antiwear additive forms a very thin layer on friction pairs inside the engine. The layer has ductile and lubricating properties and is effective for at least 50,000 km.
The advantages are as follows:
*Significant reduction in wear
*Longer service life for the engine
* Reduced fuel consumption and pollutant emissions due to the energy conserving effect
* Optimum engine performance and quieter running.
Operational area: The product is added to the fresh oil AFTER oil changes. 500 ml is sufficient for up to 5 litres of engine oil. Even adding the product to special low friction fully-synthetic energy-conserving oils reduces wear by a further approx. 35%. With longterm effect for 50,000 km (keep to the oilchange intervals stipulated by the manufacturer). 500 ml size.
IMC-OIL-2053 $39.99

MoS2 Anti Friction Engine Treatment 300mL bottle


MoS2 Anti-Friction is a colloidal, molybdenum sulphide (MoS2) based solid lubricant suspended in mineral oil stabilized by a special preparation process and formulated for use in vehicle engines (gas and diesel). Miscible and fully compatable with all commercially available engine oils. (mineral oils, partially and fully synthetic oils).
Forms a friction and wear reducing Moly film on all sliding surfaces of the engine. The engine runs smoother, quieter, cooler, more reliably. Provides an extra measure of protection under extreme operating conditions, e.g. extreme temperatures, engine overheating under high loads, loss of oil, etc. Miscible with all motor oils.
Up to 50% less engine wear. reduces oil and fuel consumption. Longer engine life. Safeguards against break downs and repairs. Smoother more pleasant engine operation.
Added to the lubricating oils of engines, compressores, pumps and expecially motor vehicle engines (gas and diesel). Mixes with all commercially available engine oils.
Add 5% (50 Ml per litre of oil) MoS2Anti Friction to engine oil. Can be added to engine oil at any time. One can treats up to 1.5 gal (6 liter) of oil.

IMC-OIL-2009 $9.99

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Vollesynthese Diesel Fuel Treatment


Reduces wear of fuel pump, extends life of equipment. Improves engine performance and emissions control. Prevents rust and contamination in fuel tank, pipes and injection system. Improves the economy.
Operational area: Diesel Hi-Test now contains a lubricity additive against excessive fuel pump and injector wear with low-sulpher diesel fuels. Thus environmentally imporved operation is achieved without the problem of excessive wear and maintenance. For best results, add regulary to fuel. One can treats up to 20 gal. of diesel.
Made in Germany
OIL-2002 Diesel Hi-Test $6.99


- cleans fuel systems
- breaks down deposits in injectors
- improves the ignition performance (cetanne number) of diesel fuel
- prevents partial-load knocking
- protects against corrosion
- guarantees optimum combustion
- increases operational reliability and ecconomy
Diesel Purge removes deposits from injectors and the pistons/combustion chamber. Eliminates engine-running problems. No more knocking under partial load -- smoother idling and softer engine running. Cleaner injectors produce optimum engine running. Cleans the whole fuel system. Protects against corrosion. Guarantees good combustion, increased economy and operational reliability. Operational area: Suitable for helping to solve problems in all Diesel engines.
Made in Germany
OIL-2005 Diesel Purge $10.99

Pro Line Diesel System Cleaner 500ML

Removes deposits from mechanically and electronically controlled injector nozzles and other components of the fuel system. Prevents nozzle needles from sticking and gumming up. For all diesel powered vehicles including those with common rail and pump nozzle injection systmes. Use with JetClean machines or directly from can via the fuel inake line. This is not a fuel tank additive, but a fuel system purge to be used with proper equipment.
IMC-OIL-2032 Diesel Purge $19.99

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Volle-Synthese Gear Oil


- wide viscosity range
- outstanding wear protection
- optimum high-pressure properties
- high rust and corrosion protection
- low manual shifting effort
- reduces transmission noise
Multipurpose gear oil with wide viscosity range. Promotes easier gear changing and quieter running. For manual transmissions, modern transaxles and axle drives. With outstanding protection against wear and corrosion. Guarantees a considerable reduction in noise. Operational area: For highload manual and auxiliary trans-missions, particularly modern transaxlesystems and axle drives.
Car manufacturer´s approval: API GL 5 Performance Level: MIL-L-2105 C/D
Made in Germany, 100% Synthetic, SAE 75W90, 1 Liter
OIL-2048 1 Liter $22.99

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Brake Fluid

Original ATE Brake Fluid Typ 200

Minimal decrease of boiling point due to excellent water locking properties. Non-foaming when filling and bleeding the brake system. Excellent corrosion protection due to selected additives. High safety tolerance against steam bubbles. Makes brake fluid changing intervals of up to 3 years possible. Standards conformed to: FMVSS No. 116 - DOT4 and DOT3* SAE J1703 DIN/ISO 4925 Boiling point: at least 280°C (50°C over DOT4) Wet boiling point: 200°C (45°C over DOT4)
Made in Germany
IMC-OIL-TYP200 1 Liter $19.99

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General Motors Products

General Motors 5w30 Engine Oil

Gm energy saving oil, 1 Quart. Meets GM specification # GM6094M SAE 5W-30, SM, SL
GM-OIL-12345610 1 Quart $4.99

General Motors Allison TranSynd Fluid

Factory and Manufacturer Supplied Trans fluid Formulated for the Allison automatic transmission. Synthetic fluid TranSynd meets the Allison spec TEC-295 (AN-011001) for severe duty and extended oil drail intervals. Meets Allison C4-27403598 specifications. If you have a Allison Transmission, this is your fluid!
GM-OIL-27101-CTCS 1 Gal $49.99

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